Sheet Metal Enclosures
Accessories for Enclosures

Enclosures have long been a major requirement for the electronics industry, and Pretoria-based company CES was established to design and supply high quality customized enclosures. These are manufactured using the latest in CNC technology.

As electronic component sizes are reduced with advancements in technology, the enclosure designs can be changed rapidly. CES’s design service easily accommodates customer changes to subsequent prototypes or production runs. Holes, cut-outs and standoffs can be modified, removed or added by changes to the CNC software program.

All prototype samples have a professional powdercoated finish, are produced in the same method as the series production and are easily reproduced, allowing clients to improve their new product marketing.

Instead of a customer using standard off-the-shelf enclosures, his own products can be totally personalized. Customers can develop their own enclosure applications with DB9 holes, cut outs, air slots, standoffs etc. After approval of the prototype, CES can then promptly deliver high quality production runs in varying quantities.


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